Mount Baldy Hike from Top of the Notch Baldy restaurant AKA The Devil’s Backbone on Sunday June 23
Message from Dr. Su:
Hi Guys, 
I’m planning a hike from the Notch restaurant to the summit of Baldy this coming Sunday with Lisa.  We will need to buy tickets for the roundtrip ski lift tickets that cost $24 online and $30 at the window. 
 Lisa has a cabin we can stay at Saturday nightwalking distance to the ski lift.  It can sleep at least 6 people or possibly more with air mattresses.   Another option is meeting us at the ski lift on Sunday morning if you can’t drive up Saturday evening.    
The hike is 6.6 miles round trip and 2300 ft gain.  This is not a long hike but it is very steep in a few sections(I recommend using hiking poles)  and there is significant altitude as the restaurant is almost 8000 feet and the summit is over 10,000 feet.  Thus staying at the cabin the night before will help with acclimatization.  I would estimate hiking time to be over 5  hours at our pace.  No dogs are allowed on the ski lift.        
Once we know who’s going, we can decide on a few other details like food.  there are lift ticket packages that include breakfast or lunch at the restaurant.  As a group, we can decide what works the best for us.  We’ll want to carpool plus figure out the food situation for people staying overnight at the cabin.     
email me at mailto:gosugo@hotmail.com or talk to Lisa if you are interested in staying at the cabin and/or hiking Sunday.   Please  include your phone number so that the group can text each other.  
Su Yi

Saturday Run (June 15)

We’ll meet tomorrow at 7:00 am in the Alicia’s Cookery parking lot (590 Central Ave. in Brea) .The restaurant is located on the SE corner of Central and Berry. The route is 9.2 miles long but you can turn around and return at any location along the way to make it a shorter run.

Sean’s Run (9.2 Miles)

Start at Central and Berry

East on Central

Right on Brea

Left at The Tracks at Brea Trail

Cross State College

Continue on trail

Left at Birch

Cross Birch at Associated

Continue on trail thru golf course

Cross Kraemer

Continue on Trail to end

Right on Surveyor

Left on NASA

Left on Valencia

Left at Birch

Right at State College

Left at the trail

Right on Brea

Left at Central

Return to start

Thursday Run (June 13)

We’ll meet by the trail near the Fullerton Courthouse at 6 p.m. (close to the intersection of Brea Blvd. & Harbor Blvd….behind the Ralph’s) .The address for directions is 1275 N. Berkeley Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832. We park in the lower parking lot. If you run to and around Laguna Lake and back…that is 5 miles

Tuesday Run (June 11)

We’ll meet in the parking lot near Men’s Wearhouse (985 E. Birch) at 6:00 p.m. It is located in the Target/24 Hour Fitness Shopping Center.

Natasha’s Run (5.1 Miles)

East on Birch Street

Left on State College

Right on The Tracks at Brea Trail

Left on Birch

Cross Birch at Associated

Continue on trail thru Birch Hills Golf Course

Right on Kraemer

Enter Tri-City park at Golden

Run thru Park

Continue west on Rolling Hills

Cross Associated

Run thru Craig Park

Right on State College

Left on Birch

Saturday Run (June 8)

We will meet tomorrow at 7:00 am at the Yorba Linda Community Center . The address is 4845 Casa Loma Ave. in Yorba Linda and the center is located at the intersection of Imperial Hwy and Casa Loma. We park in the parking lot off of Casa Loma. This is an out-and-back run and you may turn around at any point.

CA Cruisers YL Run (10 miles)From YL Community Center

Run EAST on the trail towards Nixon Library

LEFT on Grandview Ave. (2 mile point)

RIGHT on Mountain View Ave. (1st street on right)

Cross Kellogg and continue on Mountain View

RIGHT on Sunmist Dr.(1st street on the right – it looks like a driveway)

RIGHT on Arroyo Cajon Dr.

Quick LEFT onto El Cajon Trail (2.8 mile point)

Stay on the trail which runs along Imperial Hwy

You will see a water tower (3.6 miles point) and cont. on trail to Fairlynn Blvd.

RIGHT on Fairlynn Blvd.

LEFT on Esperanza Rd. (4.1 mile point – gas stations and store)

Run under the bridge

Turn around 0.1 mile past Lindsey Dr. for a 10 mile round trip run

6 Mile Run; Turn around at Imperial Hwy and return the same way

8 Mile Run: Turn around at Esperanza and Fairlynn and return the same way

10 Mile Run: Run just past Lindsey Dr and return the same

We will be meeting in Downtown Brea near the NW corner of Birch St. and Brea Blvd. at 6:00 p.m. After the run (7:15 p.m.) we will be going to dinner at Cha Cha’s Latin Restaurant in downtown Brea. https://www.yelp.com/biz/cha-chas-latin-kitchen-brea?utm_source=ishare. The address is 110 west Birch street.

We will run north on Brea Blvd, right on the trail. For 4 miles run turn around at 2 miles , and return.

Tuesday Run (June 4)

The group dinner for the month of June will be this Thursday (June 6) after the run at Cha Cha’s Latin Restaurant in downtown Brea. https://www.yelp.com/biz/cha-chas-latin-kitchen-brea?utm_source=ishare. If you plan on joining us Please RSVP ASAP to Pam, Ed, or John.

We will be meeting today at 6:00 pm at the Birch Hills Golf Course parking lot. It is located on Birch Street west of Kraemer. The address is 2250 E Birch St, Brea, CA 92821.

Cindy’s Floresta Trail Run (4.8) Miles

Start at Birch Hills Golf Course parking lot

East on trail

Cross Kraemer

Continue on trail till end

Right on Surveyor

Left on Nasa

Right on Valencia

Left on Imperial

After La Floresta Drive

Enter La Floresta Trail on Left

Right on trail at first intersection

Left on Vesuvius Drive

Left on Rose

Left on Valencia

Right on Nasa

Right on Surveyor

Left on Trail

Cross Kraemer

Continue on trail to Start

Up and Running Again is a non-profit that trains the homeless to run a half marathon. They are currently collecting donations. If you have retired running shoes (especially men shoes), running clothes, and gear that are in fair condition please bring them to the group run. Cindy will be collecting them and Julie H will deliver them to Up and Running Again. Thank You!