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Mount Baldy Hike from Top of the Notch Baldy restaurant AKA The Devil’s Backbone on Sunday June 23
Message from Dr. Su:
Hi Guys, 
I’m planning a hike from the Notch restaurant to the summit of Baldy this coming Sunday with Lisa.  We will need to buy tickets for the roundtrip ski lift tickets that cost $24 online and $30 at the window. 
 Lisa has a cabin we can stay at Saturday nightwalking distance to the ski lift.  It can sleep at least 6 people or possibly more with air mattresses.   Another option is meeting us at the ski lift on Sunday morning if you can’t drive up Saturday evening.    
The hike is 6.6 miles round trip and 2300 ft gain.  This is not a long hike but it is very steep in a few sections(I recommend using hiking poles)  and there is significant altitude as the restaurant is almost 8000 feet and the summit is over 10,000 feet.  Thus staying at the cabin the night before will help with acclimatization.  I would estimate hiking time to be over 5  hours at our pace.  No dogs are allowed on the ski lift.        
Once we know who’s going, we can decide on a few other details like food.  there are lift ticket packages that include breakfast or lunch at the restaurant.  As a group, we can decide what works the best for us.  We’ll want to carpool plus figure out the food situation for people staying overnight at the cabin.     
email me at mailto:gosugo@hotmail.com or talk to Lisa if you are interested in staying at the cabin and/or hiking Sunday.   Please  include your phone number so that the group can text each other.  
Su Yi

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