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We’ll meet tomorrow near the Snail’s Pace store at 6:00 p.m. We gather in front of the In Flower floral shop (1050 E. Imperial Hwy in Brea), which is located between Snail’s Pace and Tempo Urban Kitchen. We will be running Daisy’s Run!


Dinner after the run this Thursday November 15: We will be going to dinner after the run. Let us know if you plan on joining. We are trying for Copper Blues http://www.copperblueslive.com/brea/ . Leave a message on Facebook or text Pam if you plan on joining.


We are going to attempt San Jacinto again this Saturday.  It was cancelled in October due to rain. Forecast is no rain but definitely cooler.  High is in the 40’s during the hike. The peak will be will be in the 30’s.  This is definitely long sleeves and jacket weather.  If you get cold easily, another warm layer like a fleece layer is useful during breaks.

We are hiking San Jacinto from the Tram. The first tram leaves at 8 am, goes about every 20 minutes so we will meet at 6 am.   Please email Su at gosugo@hotmail.com so we can figure out where to carpool from once we know who’s going.  It is almost 100 miles away and there is a fee for parking.  The tram ride also costs about $30 but there is an AAA discount.

This is a 10 mile hike with over 2500 foot gain.  Altitude is 8500 to 10,800 feet.  It is not steep but it is fairly long.  This is an out and back route.  In the tiny chance you get altitude sickness (headache, nausea, malaise), you would wait on the trail for the rest of the group to go to the peak and pick you up on the way back.  Su anticipates at least 7-8 hours of hiking, including breaks and lunch.  For the hike upwards, we’ll set a timer so that we can break regularly, about every half mile to 1 mile.   Be sure to bring some money for dinner at the tram cafeteria, The Pines.

Please bring:

1  Comfortable shoes to hike in, poles are not necessary but some people like them.

2 Backpack with 2 liters of water, snacks/lunch, personal first aid kit, sun protection, extra clothes that are not cotton.  Weather is cooler up at altitude.  A hooded windbreaker is an ideal layer just in case there is light rain.   A garbage bag also works in a pinch to protect you from rain.

3 flashlight/headlamp.   Due to the length of the hike and late start, there is a tiny  chance we may return in the dark.  You can bring your iPhone as it has a flashlight but put it in airplane mode so it doesn’t deplete the battery during the hike as it will search for nonexistent coverage while hiking.

4 If you use a hiking apps like alltrails , please download your maps for San Jacinto from tram BEFORE the hike.  Map My Hike is useful to track your hike and can do it in airplane mode but is not for navigation.  If you’re curious about altitude, there is a free app called altimeter which will tell you how high you are.

First tram is at 8 am and they do not sell those tickets in advance.  Tickets are $26 roundtrip, $36 for ride and dine which includes a big dinner at the pines cafeteria after 4:30 pm. See menu below:


Ride & Dine – Home – Palm Springs Aerial Tramway


There will be a planned group run for this day for those who will not be kinking.


We will meet at the Yard House in Brea at 6:15 pm. There will be a gift card exchange. If you like to participate in the exchange bring a $10 gift card. We’ll provide the gift bag for you. Let Julia know by 11/26 if you plan on attending.

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