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Pam mapped a new run for the group . After the run we will be going to the Packing House for dinner and drinks!  http://anaheimpackingdistrict.com/packing-house 

We will meet at 6:00 p.m.  in front of the Anaheim Civic Center Parking Garage. Use 2 42nd Street Anaheim, CA  for directions. You can park in the garage and meet the group at the south side of the garage on 42nd street. See picture for location.


Pam Packing House Run (3.7 miles)

Head South to Broadway and make a left until you reach Olive Street.

Cross the street at the crosswalk and continue heading east on Broadway.

Turn right on Kroeger Street and continue on to E. Santa Ana Street.

Use the crosswalks to cross Kroeger Street and Santa Ana Street.

Run east on Santa Ana Street.

Right on Casita Street and continue on till you hit Valencia Street, then jog to the left.

Make a quick right and run through the greenbelt area until you exit a short gate that lets you out onto South Street.

Right on South Street.

Right on Kroeger Street, stay on the walkway at the park.

Left on Santa Ana Street

Left on Melrose Street.

Right on South Street.

Right on Olive Street

Left on Santa Ana Street (stay on the south side of the street as you will lose the sidewalk on the north side)

Pass Anaheim Blvd. and continue on Santa Ana Street.

Cross the street when you get to Helena St (residential street, no cross walks-watch for traffic) and continue north on Helena

Right on W. Elm Street (either side of the street)

Left on Clementine (stay on the west side of the street)

At Center Street Promenade, follow the round-about to the left, passing the trapeze course and The Rinks ice hockey rink

Continue running east along Center Street Promenade

Left on Anaheim Boulevard

Right on Lincoln at the crosswalk on south side of Lincoln

Right on Claudina St. (just past the event center)

Left on E. Center Street

Right on Olive Street

Just BEFORE Broadway and  the skate park, turn right into the parking lot and run through  the grassy lawn until you get back to Philadelphia

Follow Philadelphia to the right and then left as it turns into 42nd Street.

Finish up at the parking structure.

From the structure, we can walk to the Packing House- it’s only a couple of blocks.

Packing House Run (2)

Thank you Pam, Ed , and Kathleen for running the new run on Tuesday to check it out for the group !!! 

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