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We will be meeting in Downtown Brea near the NW corner of Birch St. and Brea Blvd. at 6:00 p.m.

We will be taking before the run a group photo in front of the big pumpkin decoration near the movie theater.  You can park in the parking structure behind the movie theater.  Here are 2 run options:

Pumpkin Run (4 miles)

Run NORTH on Brea Blvd.

RIGHT on State College Blvd. (You’ll see the Von’s Center)

RIGHT on Imperial Hwy

RIGHT on Brea Blvd.

Pumpkin Run (5.25 miles)

Run NORTH on Brea Blvd.

Cross State College Blvd/Central Ave. (Von’s Center)

Continue running NORTH on Brea Blvd.

RIGHT on Canyon Country Rd.

RIGHT on Stone Canyon Way

RIGHT on Driftwood Ave.

RIGHT on Skywood St.

LEFT on Buttonwood Dr.

RIGHT on Balsa Ave.

LEFT on State College Blvd.

RIGHT on Elm

RIGHT on Brea Blvd.

MAP of Pumpkin Run (5.25 miles): 


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