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Brea Runners,

Tomorrow morning is our hike. Most of us will be meeting at 6 am at Snails Pace parking lot and will be carpooling to the trail head, while few will be driving from home and meetings us at the trail head. You can punch in Sam Merrill Trailhead, Altadena and get directions to that. See below for directions.   

From the 210 West, exit Lake avenue and make a right, going north and uphill towards the mountains. The trail head is where Lake Street ends and takes a sharp left turn and that street is Loma Alta. Parking is along Lake and neighboring streets.   There is a large gate on the right side which marks where we’re meeting. We’re going to meet at the gate at 7:15 am. We will wait for everyone to get there before starting the hike. Text if you are running late.

Since there is no bathroom on the trail, many of us are stopping at the McDonald’s at Lake avenue along the route. Address is 799 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104. There is a Starbucks in the area if you prefer to stop there instead. We’re not meeting or waiting for anyone at McDonald’s but we’ll run into each other. Just go to the bathroom, buy a coffee or hash brown and spend no more than 5-10 minutes there before heading back up Lake Street.  

Don’t forget to wear comfortable hiking shoes, bring your water, food, jacket and another layer like a thin fleece or long sleeve shirt. It feels cold only when you stop hiking. Do not wear cotton or denim. Your polyester/synthetic running clothes are fine for hiking.  

We’ll take several breaks along the route and go at a leisurely pace because this is supposed to be fun and not a race. Website says hike takes 4.75 hours but I’m estimating 6.5 hours including our breaks (5 minutes along route, 15 minutes at hotel ruins, 30 minutes at Inspiration point).   

See you tomorrow.

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