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We’ll meet on the Shopping Center side of the Villa Park High School wall, which is near the Villa Park Animal Clinic at 7:00 a.m. The address of the animal clinic is 17859 Santiago Blvd. Villa Park, 92861.  We will be running along the Santiago Creek Trail, which is an out-and-back run.  You can run up to 10 miles or turn around at any point to shorten your run.

Directions to our meeting location:  From the intersection of the 55 FWY.  and Katella Ave.  Head east on Katella Ave. (which turns into Villa Park Road).  You go only about half a mile east and you get to Wanda Road.  You go north on Wanda Road (make a left turn).  You go on Wanda Road for half a mile and you get to Santiago Blvd.  At the intersection of Wanda Road and Santiago Blvd, you make a right turn (and are heading east).  You drive 0.1 miles.  You will see the Ralph’s shopping center on your left (north side of the street).  Then you will see a Bank of America.  Turn left (north) and go between the Bank of America and the wall (the Villa Park High School wall).  You drive half way into the shopping center.

Congrats MARGARET!!!  Margaret completed State #48 on Mother’s Day when she ran the Delaware Marathon.  Wow!  She’ll be done with all of the states in another year!

Thanks So Much SANDI and JUAN!!!  They brought more of their delicious oranges to share with the group after the loop run.  We’re all loaded up with vitamin C now.

Happy Peddling MONICA!!!  Monica and some of her coworkers will be participating in the Tour De Pier in Manhattan Beach on Sunday.  They will be riding stationary bikes to raise funds for 3 different cancer charities.


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We’ll meet at the Fullerton Courthouse at 6:00 p.m. (near the intersection of Brea Blvd. & Harbor Blvd….behind the Ralph’s) 1275 N. Berkeley Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832. We park in the lower parking lot.  There are also 3 different neighborhood runs, which are hilly…but great routes.

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We’ll meet near the Snail’s Pace store at 6:00 p.m.  We gather in front of the In Flower floral shop (1050 E. Imperial Hwy in Brea), which is located between Snail’s Pace and Tempo Urban Kitchen.

Modified Brea 8K

We will run the Associated/Lambert/Kraemer/Birch loop CLOCKWISE, unlike what is depicted in the map, which shows it as counter-clockwise.

Directions for Modified Brea 8K – Updated

NORTH on Randolph Ave.

RIGHT on Birch St.

LEFT UP Associated Rd.

RIGHT on Lambert Rd.

RIGHT on Kraemer Blvd.

RIGHT on Birch St.

LEFT on Randolph Ave. and return to Snail’s

Happy Birthday RAQUEL!!!  Raquel celebrates her birthday on Wednesday.  Enjoy your day!

Greetings from Karen S:  Karen and her husband are now permanent residents of AZ.  They sold their restaurant and moved out-of-state.  We look forward to having Karen come out for a run with us when she is in town.

Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon:  Lisa and I watched the 5th anniversary of this race from just past Mile 10 on Sunday am.  We saw Bethany and Chris as they were on their way to finishing their 5th Tinker Bell 1/2.  Congrats to both of them for maintaining their legacy status!  Here are some pics that Lisa and I took:


Push Ups for Charity 5K:  Christina ran this fundraiser race with the Irvine PD on Saturday.  Here she is with her running buddy (her friend’s son):


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We will meet at the Yorba Linda Community Center at 7:00 a.m.  The address is 4845 Casa Loma Ave. in Yorba Linda and the center is located at the intersection of Imperial Hwy and Casa Loma.  We park in the parking lot off of Casa Loma.  This is an out-and-back run and you may turn around at any point.


Directions for CA Cruisers YL Run (10 miles):

From YL Community Center

Run EAST on the trail towards Nixon Library

LEFT on Grandview Ave. (2 mile point)

RIGHT on Mountain View Ave. (1st street on right)

Cross Kellogg and continue on Mountain View

RIGHT on Sunmist Dr.(1st street on the right – it looks like a driveway)

RIGHT on Arroyo Cajon Dr.

Quick LEFT onto El Cajon Trail (2.8 mile point)

Stay on the trail which runs along Imperial Hwy

You will see a water tower (3.6 miles point) and cont. on trail to Fairlynn Blvd.

RIGHT on Fairlynn Blvd.

LEFT on Esperanza Rd. (4.1 mile point – gas stations and store)

Run under the bridge

Turn around  0.1 mile past Lindsey Dr. for a 10 mile round trip run

6 Mile Run; Turn around at Imperial Hwy and return the same way

8 Mile Run: Turn around at Esperanza and Fairlynn and return the same way

10 Mile Run: Run just past Lindsey Dr and return the same way

Thanks Again SANDI and JUAN!!!  They brought more of their delicious oranges to share with the group after the run on Thursday.  Thanks to you, we won’t get scurvy! LOL

Happy Running CHRISTINA!!!  Christina will be running the Pushups for Charity 5K with the Irvine PD on Saturday.

Happy Running BETHANY and CHRIS!!!  They will be running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon on Sunday.  This is the 5 year anniversary of this race and Bethany and Chris are both legacy runners.  If anybody is interested in joining me to cheer for our runners and watch the race…I will be near the Burger King on the SW corner of Ball Rd. and Anaheim Blvd. at 7 am.  This is just a little past the Mile 10 point.  You can probably park in the Walmart grocery store parking lot located on the NE corner.  It’s a fun race to watch since many of the runners are wearing costumes.

Tink course map 1

Happy Mother’s Day to All of Our Wonderful BR Moms!

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We’ll meet in the parking lot near Men’s Wearhouse (985 E. Birch) at 6:00 p.m.  It is located in the Target/24 Hour Fitness Shopping Center.


Directions for Julie’s Run (4.7 miles)

Start at Men’s Wearhouse

Run EAST on Birch

LEFT on State College

LEFT on Tracks at Brea

RIGHT on Brea Blvd.

LEFT on Central Ave.

LEFT on Tamarack

LEFT on Lambert

RIGHT on Brea Blvd.

LEFT on Tracks at Brea

RIGHT on State College

RIGHT on Birch and back to MW

Welcome WENDY and JUSTIN!!!  They are friends of Cara and Mason and joined us for a run on Tuesday evening.  We’re happy that you were able to join us!

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We’ll meet in the Alicia’s Cookery parking lot (590 Central Ave. in Brea) at 6:00 p.m. The restaurant is located on the SE corner of Central and Berry.  We’ll be doing Katie’s Run.  If you prefer a flatter run…Alica’s Scone Run is also about 5 miles.


Congrats CORRIN and NATASHA!!!  They ran the OC 1/2 Marathon on Sunday with the goal of finishing in sub 2 hours.  Corrin ran it in 1:58:45, beating her previous PR by almost 11 minutes.  Natasha ran it in 1:59:09.  Corrin said that she “couldn’t have done it without Scott and Natasha.”


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