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We’ll meet in the parking lot of the Brea Sports Park at 6:00 p.m.  It is located at 3333 E. Birch St. on the NW corner of Birch and Valencia.   (Note:  If parking is not available at the Sports Park…park in the elementary school parking lot located just west of the Sports Park.)  We’ll be in the Eagle Hills neighborhood of Brea for our 2nd holiday run of the season!

The directions for this run appear very long, but that is partly because there are a number of cul-de-sacs that we will run to the end of and then turn around.  When this is the case…you will see “180°” in the directions.  Please don’t let the long directions scare you from showing up!  It should be a nice run with lots of pretty lights!!!

John’s Christmas Lights Run Map (4.4 miles)

Directions for John’s Christmas Lights Run (4.4 miles)

Run WEST on Birch St.

RIGHT on Flower Hill St.

LEFT on Bluegrass and 180°

LEFT on Flower Hill St.

RIGHT on Morning Glory St and 180°

Cross Flower Hill and run to the other side of Morning Glory and 180°

LEFT on Flower Hill St.

LEFT on Sunflower St and 180°

Cross Flower Hill and run up Sunflower

LEFT on Shamrock Ave.

LEFT on Goldenrod St.

RIGHT on Starflower St.

RIGHT on Larkspur Ave.

LEFT on Baler Ave.

RIGHT on Snowfield St.

RIGHT on Thistle Rd (this street has many turns)

RIGHT on Woodacre St.

LEFT on Walden Rd.

LEFT on Lambert Rd.

LEFT on Kraemer Blvd.

LEFT on Birch St.

LEFT on Starflower St.

RIGHT on Primrose Ave (1st street on right) and 180°

RIGHT on Floxglove St. and 180°

RIGHT on Primrose Ave.

LEFT on Starflower St.

LEFT on Birch and return to sports park

Bed/Bath Suite for Rent at Lisa’s House:  Lisa’s roommate, Ashley will me moving out.  Lisa is looking for a new roommate.  If you know of anybody who might be interested…let her know.  Here is her Craig’s List ad:


Yosemite Half Marathon (October 8, 2016):  Rick just resgistered for next year’s race.  He said that if anyone is interested in running this, they have plenty of room for those that need a place to stay – 1 double bed, 2 twin beds, 1 couch, 1 futon and plenty of room for sleeping bags.  They made a change to the 2016 race.  The 1st 5 miles will be on a trail with the remaining 8 on a 2 lane road.   This year’s race had all 13 on the 2 lane road.  Looks to be a great change!  Rick registered as a club member – Brea Runners  If at least 5 people register as Brea Runner club members…they will get a discount.

Rick wishes everybody a ‘Merry Christmas’ and he hopes to make it down south next year.

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