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We’ll meet at Tri-City Park at 7:00 a.m.  We park in the east parking lot near the intersection of Kraemer and Golden Ave. in Placentia.

If you run to the YL Community Center and back…it’s a little over 6 miles. If you run to the Nixon Library and back…it’s about 8 miles. If you run past the Equestrian center to the end of the Grandview cul-de-sac and back…that’s about 11 miles.

Missy’s Run (6.25 miles)

Lori’s Run (5 miles) For a longer run…continue with this route from the community center.

Welcome LINDA!!!  We met Linda while on our Thursday evening run.  She was running up Valencia and joined us for part of our run. 

Happy Running MONICA!!!  Monica and her sister will be running the Carrera de los Muertos/Run of the Dead 5K on Saturday.  The race starts and ends on Olvera Street in Los Angeles.



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We’ll meet in the parking lot of the Brea Sports Park at 6:00 p.m.  It is located at 3333 E. Birch St. on the NW corner of Birch and Valencia.  Note:  If the sports field parking lot is closed…please park in the elementary school parking lot, which is located just west of the sports fields.  We’ll be doing Juan’s Run.


Directions for Juan’s Run (5.3 miles)

NORTH on Valencia Ave.

RIGHT on Santa Fe. Rd.

RIGHT on Carbon Canyon

LEFT on Valencia Ave.

RIGHT on Imperial Hwy

RIGHT on Kraemer Blvd.

RIGHT on Birch St.

Pumpkin Run Photos  Here are some pics from our 5th Annual Pumpkin Run:


Event Pics

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We will be meeting in Downtown Brea near the NW corner of Birch St. and Brea Blvd. at 6:00 p.m.  It’s time for our 5th Annual Pumpkin Run!  We will be taking our annual group photo in front of the big pumpkin decoration near the movie theater.  You can park in the parking structure behind the movie theater.  Wear your Brea Runners shirt (if you have one), Halloween colors or a Halloween costume…if you are so inclined!  Here are 2 run options:

Pumpkin Run (4 miles)

Run NORTH on Brea Blvd.

RIGHT on State College Blvd. (You’ll see the Von’s Center)

RIGHT on Imperial Hwy

RIGHT on Brea Blvd.

Pumpkin Run (5.25 miles)

Run NORTH on Brea Blvd.

Cross State College Blvd/Central Ave. (Von’s Center)

Continue running NORTH on Brea Blvd.

RIGHT on Canyon Country Rd.

RIGHT on Stone Canyon Way

RIGHT on Driftwood Ave.

RIGHT on Skywood St.

LEFT on Buttonwood Dr.

RIGHT on Balsa Ave.

LEFT on State College Blvd.

RIGHT on Elm

RIGHT on Brea Blvd.

MAP of Pumpkin Run (5.25 miles):   https://brearunners.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/pumpkin-run-5-25-miles.pdf


pumpkin run

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Saturday Run (Oct.24)

We’ll meet in the Alicia’s Cookery parking lot (590 Central Ave. in Brea) at 7:00 a.m.   The restaurant is located on the SE corner of Central and Berry.  There are several runs that start at Alicia’s… so depending on how much mileage you want, here are a few options:

Alicia’s Cookery Scone Run (5 miles)

Rick N’s Scone Run (8 miles)

Rick S’s Scone Run (10 miles)


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We’ll meet in the parking lot near Men’s Wearhouse (985 E. Birch) at 6:00 p.m.  It is located in the Target/24 Hour Fitness Shopping Center.  We’ll be doing Rosemarie’s Run.  If anybody would like a shorter run…you can make this an out-and-back run.  If you run up Santa Fe Drive to Naranjal…that is around the 2 mile mark.   You could turn around here, instead of going all the way to Valencia.

Rosemarie’s Run (5.4 miles)

Directions for Rosemarie’s Run

Run EAST on Birch St.

LEFT on Kraemer Blvd.

Cross Lambert & continue running up Kraemer

Kraemer becomes Santa Fe Rd. & curves to the right

RIGHT on Valencia Ave.

RIGHT on Birch St.

Thanks so much JOHN!!!  John surprised us with some Ghirardelli chocolate squares from his SF trip after our run on Tuesday evening. We always appreciate being able to sample treats from cities all over the country and appreciate our very thoughtful runners who remember their running friends back home while on vacation!

Lake Powell Half Marathon:  Alicia, Cindy and Sharon all had a great time at the race and on their trip this past weekend.  Sharon reports that the race was small, which was nice with maybe about 2,000 runners.  There was one snafu…the lead runners took a wrong turn at the beginning of the race, so they actually ran close to 14 miles.  The three of them ran some, walked some and took a lot of pictures and enjoyed all of the beautiful surroundings along the route.  They drove directly to Page on Thursday…so they had 3 full days to explore the area.  Here are some pics from Sharon and Cindy:




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We’ll meet near the Snail’s Pace store at 6:00 p.m. We gather in front of the In Flower floral shop (1050 E. Imperial Hwy. Brea), which is located between Snail’s Pace and Tempo Urban Grill.  We’ll be doing Nina’s Run.  There are ways to shorten this run, if you would like.

Click to access ninas-run.pdf

Directions for Nina’s Run (5.3 miles)

SOUTH on State College

Run through Craig Park

RIGHT Associated Rd.

LEFT Rolling Hills Dr.

RIGHT Hartford Ave.

RIGHT Treeview Pl.

LEFT Deerpark Dr.

LEFT Devonshire Ave.

RIGHT Hartford Ave.

RIGHT Bastanchury Rd.

RIGHT State College

LEFT Rolling Hills Dr.

RIGHT Sequoia Ave.

RIGHT Evergreen

RIGHT Lark Ellen Dr.

LEFT State College Blvd.


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We will meet at the Starbucks on the NW corner of La Palma and Imperial Hwy. at 7:00 a.m.  Starbuck’s is located next to Knowlwood’s.  Here is the address for Knowlwood’s:  5665 E. La Palma Ave. Anaheim Hills, CA 92807  Breakfast at Knowlwood’s after the run!

We have a plethora of different options for runs.  The Starbucks Run has 3 mileage options.  Also…if you prefer a flatter run…just run down Imperial and catch the river trail and run any distance that you would like.  And…if anybody wants to run Michelle’s Run (7 miles) from Starbucks…I’ll have those directions for you, as well.

Click to access yorba-linda-starbucks-run-8-41-miles1.pdf

Starbucks Run Directions:

6 miles – When you get to Fairmont Blvd (just after the 3 miles point)…make a RIGHT (instead of a left) down Fairmont and then a RIGHT on La Palma back to Starbucks

8.4 miles – Follow the Yorba Linda Starbuck’s Route as mapped

10.4 miles – When you get to the corner of Lakeview and Yorba Linda Blvd…run WEST on Yorba Linda Blvd. and catch the Nixon Library Trail.  Run to the Community Center and back.  Continue with the rest of the Starbuck’s route as mapped.

Happy Birthday CHRIS, RICK S and ELAINE!!!  Chris and Rick both celebrate their birthdays on Saturday.  Elaine celebrates her birthday on Sunday.  Enjoy your special day, you three!

Thank You CHRIS!!!  Chris spent a few days in Carmel and even did her Tuesday hill run there.  She sent me pics as proof.  Chris was very sweet to bring some yummy chocolate back from her trip to share with all of us.  It was the perfect post-run treat and we really appreciate your thoughtfulness, Chris!

Happy Running ALICIA, CINDY 50 and SHARON!!!  They will be running the Lake Powell Half Marathon on Saturday.  This is another race in the National Park race series from vacationraces.com  We’ll want to hear all about the long road trip and race when you get back.

This is lovingly dedicated to one of our runners….and no, it’s not me!


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We’ll meet near the Snail’s Pace store at 6:00 p.m. We gather in front of the In Flower floral shop (1050 E. Imperial Hwy. Brea), which is located between Snail’s Pace and Tempo Urban Grill.  We’ll be doing Jenna’s Run (4.95 miles).


Happy Birthday ROSEMARIE!!!  Rosemarie’s birthday is on Friday.  Since the Dodgers won on Tuesday…she’ll be spending Thursday at Dodger Stadium for the winner-take-all Game 5 of the National Division series.  So…we won’t see you until after your birthday, Rosemarie.  Enjoy your day…and Go Dodgers!!

Welcome PAT S!!!  Pat joined us for a run on Tuesday since his regular group met someplace else that evening.  Coincidentally, new Pat knows our Pat.  Small world!



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We’ll meet near the Snail’s Pace store at 6:00 p.m. We gather in front of the In Flower floral shop (1050 E. Imperial Hwy in Brea), which is located between Snail’s Pace and Tempo.  We’ll be doing Bethany’s Run (5.14 miles)


Congrats RICK!!!  Rick ran the Yosemite Half Marathon on Saturday…and he placed 1st in his age division! WOOHOO!!!   This is what Rick had to say about the race:

I will be back running this next year!  It was very well run & organized.  No problems whatsoever, even though it is a race that everyone is shuttled by bus to the start line – no exceptions. It was on the warm side – at 0600 it was 60 degrees.  And the start line was over 6000′ in elevation.  The first 10 miles are all down hill on a closed roadway that is tree lined on both sides with 100’+ trees.  A great place to run and very quiet.  The only sound was heavy breathing and shoes hitting the ground.  The next 2 miles were back down at Bass Lake and slightly downhill while the last mile was slightly uphill.  Great race!  Bring up a group next year & stay with Karen & me!  Come one, come all!

Rick Yosemite Half Rick's Yosemite medals

Congrats NANCY and ROBERTO!!!  Roberto and his sister, Nancy ran the Long Beach Half Marathon on Sunday.  This was Nancy’s very first half marathon!   YAY Nancy!!!

Nancy and Roberto Roberto

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We’ll meet at the Fullerton Courthouse at 6:30 a.m. (near the intersection of Brea Blvd. & Harbor Blvd….behind the Ralph’s) 1275 N. Berkeley Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832. We park in the lower parking lot. We have 4 mileage options…5 miles, 6 miles, 7 miles and 10.5 miles.

Happy Running RICK S!!!  Rick will be running the Yosemite 1/2 Marathon on Saturday.  This is one of the races in the National Park series put on by vacationraces.com  It should be a beautiful route.

Happy Running NANCY, ROBERTO and TRAVIS!!!  Roberto and his sister, Nancy will be running the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.  Travis is doing the Super Combo.  He will run a 5K on Saturday…and then will do a Bike Tour at 6 a.m. on Sunday and finish with the 1/2 marathon at 7:30 a.m. 

Happy Running MARGARET!!!  Margaret will be in Wichita, Kansas on Sunday to run the Prairie Fire Marathon.  This will be state #44!

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