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Thursday Run (Oct. 1)

We’ll meet in the parking lot near Men’s Wearhouse (985 E. Birch in Brea) at 6:00 p.m.  It is located in the Target/24 Hour Fitness Shopping Center.

Alina’s Run (4.4 miles)

Directions for Alina’s Run:

EAST on Birch St.

LEFT on Starflower St. (1st street past Kraemer)

RIGHT on Bluebell Ave.

LEFT on Sunflower St.

LEFT on Lambert Rd.

LEFT on Associated Rd.

RIGHT on Birch St.

Happy Belated Birthday SANDI!!!  Sandi’s birthday was on September 19th.  I am so sorry for being tardy with this greeting.  We all hope that you had a wonderful birthday and that you have a fantastic year ahead, Sandi!

I'm tired

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Tuesday Run (Sept. 29)

We’ll meet near the Snail’s Pace store at 6:00 p.m. We gather in front of the In Flower floral shop (1050 E. Imperial Hwy in Brea), which is located between Snail’s Pace and Lascari’s.  We’ll be doing the 5.3 mile version of John’s Run.  One way to shorten this run is by staying on Associated Rd., rather then veering off towards Placentia Ave.  This will make the run approximately 4.5 miles.  If you want an even shorter run…you can always do an out-and-back run and turn around at any point.  If it gets too dark…it would be best not to cut through Craig Park.

John’s Run – Modified Version (5.3 miles)

Running Safely in the Dark:  It’s starting to get dark out by the time we are finishing up our week night runs.  It’s time to start wearing our reflective suspenders/vests, blinky lights and carrying flashlights.  Also…here’s an article on running safely at night.



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Saturday Run (Sept. 25)

We will meet at the Yorba Linda Community Center at 6:30 a.m.  The address is 4845 Casa Loma Ave. in Yorba Linda and the center is located at the intersection of Imperial Hwy and Casa Loma.  We park in the parking lot off of Casa Loma.  We will be doing Rich’s Run backwards…starting in YL instead of at Mercury Insurance.  The run is a 10 mile out-and-back run, but you can easily shorten this run by turning around sooner.

Click to access richs-run-at-nixon-trail-10-miles1.pdf

Grazie DONNA!!!  Donna spent 11 days in Italy visiting Rome, Capri and Pompeii.  She said that she had a wonderful trip.  Thanks for the yummy candy and for thinking about us while vacationing, Donna!

Happy Running LONNISSA!!!  Lonnissa and her husband, Adrien will be running the San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

not running



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Thursday Run (Sept. 24)

We are going to meet in Downtown Fullerton near the SE corner of Harbor Blvd. and Wilshire Ave. at 6:15 p.m.  There is a parking structure surrounded by Wilshire Ave., Pomona, E. Amerige and Harbor Blvd. There should be plenty of parking on the upper levels.  After the run…stay and enjoy the Farmer’s Market!

City of Fullerton Farmer’s Market

Corrin’s Run 4 Miles Route

Corrin’s Run 4.4 Miles Route

Corrin’s Run 5 Miles Route

The Great Brain Race Virtual Run:  A big THANKS to CHRIS and CINDY 50 for coordinating this fundraiser run.  And…a big THANKS to our BREA RUNNERS for participating in this run and making donations.  We were able to raise close to $400, which will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.  Here are some pics from John:


BBQ Competition (Sat. Oct. 3):  Elaine’s hubby, Dennis will be participating in one more competition for the year.  This is a very large competition, a new one for them.  It is supposed to be very nice!  Elaine says that if you can’t find their team name (“COME AND TAKE IT BBQ”)…just look for the tall Texan in the ugly yellow Hawaiian shirt…that will be Dennis.  HAHA!  The event is open to the public on Saturday, October 3rd and all are welcome to come down and cheer them on.  The website below gives complete information on the event, times, location, parking, etc.:





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We’ll meet near the Snail’s Pace store at 6:00 p.m. We gather in front of the In Flower floral shop (1050 E. Imperial Hwy. Brea), which is located between Snail’s Pace and Tempo Urban Kitchen.  We have 2 options:  Summit House run or Jenna’s Run


Click to access jennas-run1.pdf

This virtual 5K race was created to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County Chapter.  Michelle was the race director for the actual 5K, which was held in Fountain Valley on September 12th.  Since not everybody was able  to attend the actual race…Michelle created this virtual race.

We thought that it would be fun to run this as a group during our run on Tuesday.  Of course…you may come out and run with us whether you choose to make a donation or not.  And…it’s OK to run more than 3.1 miles.  For those wishing to make a donation…here are the levels:

$20 – Receive a finisher’s medal AND a t-shirt (sizes small – 2XL)

$15 – Receive a finisher’s medal

You may bring your donations on Tuesday, September 22nd.  Donations may be made in cash or a check made out to:  Michelle Laizure

T-shirts and medals will be handed out after our Tuesday run. If you already signed up for the virtual race online…we will have your shirts and/or medals for you, as well.  For those of you who would like to make a donation, but cannot attend our run on the 22nd…here is the website below.  You may run this at anytime on your own before December 31st.




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Saturday Run (Sept. 19)

We’re meeting at Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin at 6:30 a.m. The address is: 2910 Portola Parkway, Tustin 92782 The map is for a 12 mile round trip run…but you can easily shorten or lengthen it to any distance by turning back at any point since it is an out-and-back run.


Happy Birthday LONNISSA!!!  Lonnissa celebrates her birthday on Saturday.  She just got a new puppy on Tuesday…which I’m sure is the best birthday present ever!

Runderful Day


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Thursday Run (Sept. 17)

We’ll meet near the Snail’s Pace store at 6:00 p.m. We gather in front of the In Flower floral shop (1050 E. Imperial Hwy. Brea), which is located between Snail’s Pace and Tempo Urban Grill.  We’ll be doing the Craig Park to Tri-City Park run. It is approximately 4.4 miles if you run once around Tri-City Park lake. If you run twice around the lake, that will make it a 5 mile run.

Craig Park to Tri-City Park Run (4.46 miles)

I will be skipping the run to attend the Run Safer Self Defense Workshop at Snail’s this Thursday (Sept. 17th) at 6:00 p.m.  In case you would like to attend…here is the info again:





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