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Tuesday Run (April 28)

We’ll meet in the Alicia’s Cookery parking lot (590 Central Ave. in Brea) at 6:00 p.m. The restaurant is located on the SE corner of Central and Berry.  We’ll be doing Katie’s Run for the second time!  I will also bring directions for Alicia’s Scone run…which is a 5 mile fairly flat run.


Directions for Katie’s Run (5 miles)

Run EAST on Central

LEFT on Brea Blvd.

RIGHT on Canyon Country Rd.

RIGHT on Stone Canyon Way

RIGHT on Driftwood Ave.

RIGHT on Skywood St.

LEFT on Cliffwood Ave.

LEFT on Buttonwood Dr.

LEFT on Apricot Ave.

RIGHT on Desert Canyon Rd.

RIGHT on Forbes Dr.

RIGHT on Balsa Ave.

RIGHT on Brookwood St.

LEFT on Apricot Ave.

LEFT on Burttonwood Dr.

RIGHT on Balsa Ave.

LEFT on State College Blvd.

RIGHT on Lambert Rd.

RIGHT on Tamarack Ave.

LEFT on Apollo St.

RIGHT on Berry St.

Welcome Back CHERIE and KATIE!!!  Cherie came out for a run on Tuesday and Katie joined us for a run on Saturday.  It’s been awhile and it was so nice to see you both!

Congrats JUAN!!!  Sandi and Juan both ran the San Luis Obispo Half Marathon on Sunday.  Juan placed 3rd in his division with a finish time of 1:55:55!  Here are a few pics that they sent:



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