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We’ll meet in the parking lot near Men’s Wearhouse (985 E. Birch) at 6:00 p.m.  It is located in the Target/24 Hour Fitness Shopping Center.  We’ll be doing Rosemarie’s Run.  If anybody would like a shorter run…you can make this an out-and-back run.  If you run up Santa Fe Drive to Naranjal…that is around the 2 mile mark.   You could turn around here, instead of going all the way to Valencia.

Rosemarie’s Run (5.4 miles)

Directions for Rosemarie’s Run

Run EAST on Birch St.

LEFT on Kraemer Blvd.

Cross Lambert & continue running up Kraemer

Kraemer becomes Santa Fe Rd. & curves to the right

RIGHT on Valencia Ave.

RIGHT on Birch St.

Happy Running to our BR Ragnar Relay Runners!!!  Several of our runners will be running the So Cal Ragnar Relay which takes place on Friday and Saturday.  They will start in Huntington Beach and end in San Diego.  LESIA and MICHELLE will be a part of team ‘Girls Gone Running’ and ALLISON, CORRIN, JENNIFER, PAT, RICH and SCOTT are running on team ‘Fat & the Furious’.

Greetings from RICK:  Rick said to say “Hi” to everyone.  He has been back running for 3+ months now and it’s going well.  He’ll be running a trail 5K on Saturday, which is a local community fundraiser for the elementary school.  He and Karen will be leaving in a month for their 5 week European trip.  Rick sent this photo (taken by Karen, who was out walking their dog).  The mountains in the background got 2 ft. of snow over the weekend!  Rick…you’re so lucky to be able to run in such a beautiful place!



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