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Saturday Run (Dec. 13)

We will meet at Grijalva Park and Sports Center in Orange at 7:00 a.m.  The park is located just east of the Santiago Creek.  Here is the address:  368 N. Prospect St. Orange, CA  92869

Directions to Grijalva Park:

57 Fwy SOUTH

91 Fwy EAST

55 Fwy SOUTH

EXIT and LEFT on Chapman Ave.

LEFT on Prospect Ave.

Entrance is on East Spring Street – Make a LEFT

Drive all the way around the field and park in the parking lot at the opposite corner from the entrance near the buildings.

We can catch the trail from the park and run along the trail.  The distance to the end of the trail is 3.8 miles.  Round trip will be 7.63 miles.  The run can be extended by continuing to the start of the 642 (CA Cruisers) run on the way back before returning to Grijalva Park.  John will be bringing directions for the run.


Happy Birthday RICK N!!!  Rick’s birthday is on Saturday.  Enjoy your celebration, Rick!

Firecracker 5K/10K (March 1, 2015): Rosemarie said that she may be running the 10K again next year.  It looks like a fun race!  There is a $5 off discount code, which is good only for today, December 13th.  Use the code:  “GIMMEGIMME”


OC Full and Half Marathon (May 3, 2015):  If anybody is planning on running this race next year, 12 Days of Savings began on December 12th.  You save $12 on the 12th and the discount decreases by a dollar each day.


Regine Sediva from Ralph’s:  I was shopping at the Ralph’s in Brea the other day.  I happened to notice that the cashier had a race medal around her neck.  She said that she wore it to show her co-workers, some of whom are also runners.  Regine placed 2nd in the women’s visually impaired division of the California International Marathon in Sacramento last weekend with a finish time of 4:07.  Regine also ran the Boston Marathon in 2013 and here is a story about her experience:


https://runsra.org/usaba-event-returns-to-cim/  (Adrian Broca was one of the men’s favorites in the visually impaired division in Sacramento.  Pam and I saw him running at last year’s LA Rock n’ Roll 1/2, where Will was his guide.)

When I first entered the line at Ralph’s to check out…I was the only customer.  After chatting with Regine for awhile…I turned around and saw 5 to 6 customers waiting behind me.  They were AMAZINGLY PATIENT and not a single one made a comment of gave me the stink eye for being so chatty and holding up the line.  So…if you ever see me out shopping…you might want to pick a different lane to check out. LOL


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