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Tuesday Run (April 1)

We’ll meet in the parking lot located on the SW corner of Bastanchury and State College at 6:00 p.m. It’s just below the Summit House restaurant.  We’ll be doing Julia’s Run for the second time.

Julia's Run (5 miles)

Directions for Julia’s Run (5 miles):

Run SOUTH down State College Blvd.

RIGHT on Yorba Linda Blvd.

LEFT on Fullerton Creek Dr. Fullerton Creek Dr. becomes Melody Lane

LEFT on Acacia Ave.

RIGHT on Dorothy Lane

RIGHT on Raymond Ave.

At the top of Raymond Ave., you will come to a fork in the road where Skyline Dr. splits. You’ll see the sign below:


RIGHT on Skyline Dr (2000 block) Since there are no sidewalks on this street, it may be safer to run against traffic.

RIGHT on Miramar Dr.

RIGHT on Acacia Ave.

LEFT on Melody Lane (Church school on corner) Melody Lane becomes Fullerton Creek Dr.

LEFT up State College Blvd.

Anybody Interested in Doing a Half Marathon or Triathlon in Colorado???  As many of you may know, Lisa also resides in Winter Park, Colorado for part of the year.  If anybody is interested in joining Lisa for the half marathon and/or triathlon…please contact her at:   lisas_marie@yahoo.com    This is what Lisa has to say:

I am recruiting for the Winter Park Half Marathon in CO on June 28th and the Aurora Triathlon on July 20th. In Winter Park, my townhouse sleeps 12 so there is plenty of room for people to stay. Here is the link for registration.  The Half Marathon is $5 cheaper if you register by March 31st.  It is fairly inexpensive at $50 and it is an incredibly beautiful town and course. Not too crazy on the hills. Not too crowded. The trail running in early June will help prepare for this one in terms of elevation.
The triathlon is in Aurora, about 30 miles from Denver and from Boulder and it also looks beautiful. I am hesitant to do it by myself so am looking for other adventurers. My brother says that you don’t need a wet suit but many people use them for added buoyancy. Here is the link for that one. We will have to get accommodations for this one if anyone is interested.
Also, I just started doing strength training at Korefirefitness in Brea and it’s really helping my running. Here is the link in case anyone wants to try it. No running, pounding, or traditional weights so it’s very easy on your body but very effective.


Hiding my running shoes


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