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Tuesday Run (March 11)

We’ll meet in the parking lot located on the SW corner of Bastanchury and State College at 6:00 p.m. It’s just below the Summit House restaurant.  YAY…time change!!!  We have so many more evening run options now!

Cherie’s Run (4.7 miles)

Directions for Cherie’s Run

Run WEST on Bastanchury Rd.

LEFT on Brea Blvd.

LEFT on Longview Blvd.

LEFT on Valwood Dr.

LEFT on Panorama Rd.

RIGHT on Brea Blvd.

RIGHT on Rolling Hills Dr.

RIGHT on State College Blvd.

LA Marathon:  Several of us ran this marathon on Sunday.  We started the run with nice cool weather and even some cloud cover, but after a couple of hours…the sun came out and it became pretty hot. Several of us had a hard time adjusting to running in the heat after all of the nice cool weather that we’ve had lately. Nonetheless…it was still a beautiful day and it was fun to see all of the sites and spectators along the route.  Our LA Marathon runners would like to say THANKS SO MUCH to CINDY 50, ED, KAREN, KATHLEEN and MONICA!!! They were waiting at various locations along the route to offer some much needed encouragement, posters, drinks and snacks.  Karen even had some ice cold towels to help keep us cool during our hot run. Thanks to Monica and Cindy for taking some of the pics!  Here they are:

LA Marathon Pics 2014

CONGRATULATIONS SU on completing your very 1st Full Marathon!!!  Su finished the LA Marathon in 5:24:56.

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