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We’ll meet near the trail across from Scott’s house on Wabash Ave. in Yorba Linda at 6:30 a.m.  We will have directions for a 6 and a 10 mile run.  For those running the 10 mile version…we will have some water bottles for you somewhere along the route.  I’ll let you know the exact location in the morning.

Directions to Meeting Location:  From Kraemer and Imperial Hwy…head EAST on Imperial.  You will pass Valencia and Rose.  The next street will be Prospect (LA Fitness and Heritage Oaks School on corners).  Left on Prospect heading NORTH.  Right on Wabash and park along Wabash.

We’ll be having our potluck immediately following the run.  If you are planning on attending the potluck or you need Scott’s address…just email Julie at info@brearunners.com

Scott asked that we please not ring the doorbell when we arrive before the run.  His kiddos, Cassie and Michael will probably still be asleep.  He’ll have an ice chest on his porch and feel free to leave anything that has to be kept cold inside it.  Also…since we’re running on dusty trails…we’ll  leave our shoes outside.  You might want to bring some flip flops to change into.  We can use the water hose in the front yard to rinse the dirt off our legs…so bring a towel along.

Brunch Potluck List

Rick S – Orange Juice

Patty – Orange Juice

Scott – Coffee, cream, sugar

Pam B – Pastries from Porto’s Bakery

Julia and Ben – Fruit Salad

Cara and Mason – Baked French Toast

Ed – Potatoes

Julie – Egg Frittata  (plus plates, forks, napkins, cups)

Cindy 40 – TBD

Donna – Coffee Cake, maybe egg dish

John – Hummus

Welcome JEAN and RUSSELL!!!  Jean just ran her 7th 100 mile trail race this past weekend.  Yes…7th 100 Mile run!!!   She ran the Summit House Run on Tuesday evening with Scott and Julie, who were in awe of the fact that she was even able to walk, let alone do this hilly route as a recovery run!  Amazing! Russell came out and ran with us on Thursday.  He said he’s taken about 6 months off from running, but is excited to be getting back into it again.  He’s never run a race before…not even a 5K, but is anxious to do one!

Happy Birthday KAREN!!!  Karen’s birthday is on Saturday and she said she will be spending part of her day running 17 miles.  Enjoy your run and your special day!

Happy Running BETHANY, RICK S and TRAVIS!!! 

Bethany is participating in the Dumbo Double Dare…a 10K on Saturday and the Disney 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.  Bethany is also running for a cause and raised funds that will benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. 

Rick is also running the Disney 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.  Rick is a Disney Legacy Runner and hasn’t missed a single Disney 1/2.

Travis will be running the Virgina Beach 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.  He’ll be running the race with his uncle and his parents will be running the Mini Marathon there.  Travis is also excited about being able to visit his sister, who lives in Virginia.

Happy Trail Running MIRANDA!!! Miranda is doing the Mt. Baldy Run-to-the Top Trail Race on Labor Day.  This is a 7 mile trail run through the Angeles National Forest, beginning near 6,000 ft .and finishing at the 10,000 ft. summit of Mt. Baldy.


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