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We will meet at Citrus Ranch Park at 6:30 a.m.  The address is:  2910 Portola Parkway, Tustin 92782  One way to get there is to take Chapman Ave. (by Santiago Canyon College), right on Jamboree and right on Portola Parkway.

This is an out and back run…so you can run any distance you choose.  I will have written directions for you on Saturday.  We will run south from Citrus Park.  It is basically a flat trail alongside pavement.  There are parks with bathrooms along the way.  The first park is at 0.7 miles.  Below are the mileages along the way so you can decide where to turn around.


Happy Birthday MONICA!!!  Mon celebrates her birthday on Sunday.  Have a wonderful day and we hope to see you soon!

Happy Swimming, Cycling and Running MARINA!!!  Marina will be participating in a sprint triathlon down in Irvine on Saturday.  The link for the race is below:


Feel Better soon ROB!!!  Rob gave Cherie another scare last week when he had pain and tightening of his chest while driving to work on Thursday.  He was at St. Jude Hospital for a couple of days while they ran some tests.  The good news is that his heart checked out OK, but they still have to determine the cause of his pain.  It’s been a rough year for Rob…with his severed tendons in his fingers, getting hit by the bike, which required sutures and now this!  Rob…please start taking better care of yourself and we send positive healing thoughts your way!

A Message from ROSEMARIE:  As some of you may or may not know, my aunt owns a restaurant, El Rancho Grande, on Olvera Street. Olvera Street is a vibrant internationally renowned Marketplace located in the El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historical Monument on the general site of the birthplace of the city of Los Angeles. Exciting fiestas and celebrations are held throughout the year, free of charge and open to all who would like to attend. Some of the events include Dia de los Muertos, Las Posadas & Mardi Gras, just to name a few. These events are very traditional and really give you a sense of Mexican/Latino history. While funding in the past has primarily been provided by the City, recent policy changes have limited those funds greatly.

The Olvera Street Merchant Association Foundation (OSMAF) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to preserve and promote the traditional, historical, and educational events of the past 83 yrs. They raise money and collect donations to keep these vibrant, cultural experiences alive and to keep them FREE to the community. OSMAF is selling these cute button pins for $3 or any donation you would like to make. All the proceeds will go to funding these events and keeping the traditions alive. I have some buttons to sell and can also get more if needed. Your support would be greatly appreciated. 

To donate online please visit:

Olvera St

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