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Saturday Run (Aug. 10)

We have been having so much fun running with the CA Cruisers lately…we thought we’d join them for another run down in Tustin.

We will meet at Citrus Ranch Park at 7:00 a.m.  The address is:  2910 Portola Parkway, Tustin 92782  One way to get there is to take Chapman Ave. (by Santiago Canyon College), right on Jamboree and right on Portola Parkway.

We will run south from Citrus Park.  It is basically a flat trail alongside pavement.  There are parks with bathrooms along the way.  The first park is at 0.7 miles.  Below are the mileages along the way so you can decide where to turn around.


RED print is for important things.
Blue print lists water and bathroom locations.
Citrus Ranch Park to 7.5 mile turn around (for a round trip 15 mile run) and on to Back Bay (10.2 miles for a 20 mile round trip)
0.0000 Citrus Ranch Park, 2910 Portola   Parkway, Tustin, CA 92782 Park on the side closest to bathrooms (east/ Jamboree). From parking lot, run right onto Portola Parkway.
0.1276 Right turn onto Jamboree
0.6873 Trail goes under Jamboree
0.7624 You are in Valencia Park.

Water and   bathrooms are in park
1.1396 Pass Robinson Dr.and Tustin Sports   Park.

Bathrooms are 0.2 miles into   park
1.3180 Trail forces a left turn
1.8387 Trail forces a right turn
2.4216 Left turn onto Bryan Ave. crossing over the 261 Toll Road
Ignore the first trail. Cross   over the creek.  
Then left turn onto second   trail.
Head down to the trail and take an immediate left turn to run UNDERNEATH Bryan Ave.
3.8046 Harvard Athletic Park.

Bathrooms off to left on cement walkway
4.1172 Left turn at Como Channel
4.3691 Right turn , cross RR tacks.  Then cross to other side of Harvard Ave.
4.3932 Right turn onto Harvard Side Trail
5.8203 You are just north of Civic Center   Park and trail forces you to go left.
5.9296 Cross bridge
For bathroom, cross bridge and go   straight into park for a few hundred feet.
5.9560 After   crossing the bridge, turn right to get back to the creek you have been following since you went under Bryan Ave.
6.7451 San Marco Park. Trail cut off goes   0.12 miles to bathroom
This is 0.16 miles south of the   underpass under Michelson Drive
8.5128 Bethel Korean Church
10.117 cut off trail on the left goes 0.12   miles to bathroom
You went under Jamboree   and are facing Back Bay

You can get additional miles by continuing your run around the Back Bay loop!


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